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New Zealand Glacial Clay is a globally unique product which is designed to strengthen, rejuvenate, and cleanse your skin through facial masks, body treatments, toners, MOISTURIZERS, body butters and mineral mud baths. 


New Zealand Glacial Clay is a 100% natural clay created through the collision of volcanic ash and glacial ice over three million years ago. Thousands of years later, run-off from the glacier carried vast deposits of these precious minerals downstream, where they settled in a fresh water lake in the Canterbury high country. Throughout the journey the minerals were energized through orogenesis and hydrolysis which created a negative charge. It is this negative charge, along with the rare earth elements within that gives our clay its powerful natural healing properties. As a result, our clay will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated by detoxifying, restoring the mineral balance, and acting as an absorbent for your skin.

New Zealand Glacial Clay is a high quality product with unique chemical, mineral and nutrient properties, offering multiple benefits for your skin and body. The high mineral levels and low grit content rejuvenates your skin by restoring the mineral content of your skin, leaving it soft and smooth, while the chemical content cleanses your skin by absorbing harmful toxins.

As a nontronite clay, New Zealand Glacial Clay is unique in its properties and the benefits it can have for you. Nontronite has super absorbing capabilities due to its >90% clay content that when mixed with water expands and creates an electrical charge that attracts toxins out of your skin.

NEW ZEALAND GLACIAL CLAY™ is ideal for a wide range of requirements

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dry powder MUd MASQUE

Available as dry powder in a versatile 250gm retail jar, or as a hydrated mud masque in a 100gm jar. Click here to view our easy formulations or order now.

Spa bucket

spa & wellness

Available in a handy 5kg bucket or 25kg bag. Perfect for luxurious facial masks, body wraps, mineral mud baths and body and foot scrubs. Order now.

Glacial Clay 25kg sacks

Cosmetic manufacturing

Available in a 5kg bucket, 25kg bag or 1MT bag. Used in natural body butter creams, mineral make-up, toners, moisturizers, and cleansers. Order now.


new zealand glacial clay is:

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Exceptionally pure, and made from 100% all-natural ingredients

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Completely free from any animal testing or animal cruelty

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Devoid of any heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Antimony)

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Made in New Zealand from locally-sourced natural ingredients

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