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our rare clay infused with natural BOTANICALS is a treatment that is all about you time…while giving your skin all the love it deserves..

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a HEAVENLY process that naturally regulates skin tone, controls acne, scar and BLEMISHES and leaves your skin feeling DIVINE.

The Science….

  • Stimulates the skins cellular metabolism

  • Encourages collagen reproduction

  • Draws out nasty heavy metals

  • Detoxifies and revitalizes the skin

  • Cleans and tightens pores

  • Encourages blood flow and regulation

100gms contains 20-30 facials


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Glacial Clay 

Glacial Clay is naturally rich in iron and magnesium. Iron supports the healthy flow of oxygen and aid in the production of new skin cells while magnesium gently decreases the effects of acne and micro exfoliates your skin.

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Kawakawa OIL

A sacred tree for NZ Maori, Kawakawa is known as the 'pharmacy of the forest' due to its numerous healing properties.

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Aloe Vera

Described world-wide as a 'wonder-plant', Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its cooling and therapeutic effects as well as containing antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

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Olive oil

Olive Oil is packed with anti-aging properties due to the  polyphenols and oleic acid it contains that contribute to the natural regeneration processes of the skin. In addition to softening the skin, olive oil contributes to the retention of moisture and preserves if resilience and elasticity.

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Mamuka (or the Black Fern) contains a powerful healing extract that has been used by Maori for centuries to soothe and revive your skin – promoting youthfulness and repairing damage.